About the artist

Bob was born under the river in the middle of a trip in 1941, but dates and times didn’t matter. His body and mind were in two separate places and this made him immortal. Herbert had hoped this would happen and as Dorothy’s due date approached he kept her in the tunnel, tripping until she gave birth. Herbert had engineered the birth of his immortal son in the same way he engineered the tunnel, he knew that his work would live on forever in the hands of Bob.

Candy wasn’t immortal, only immoral. She wasn’t born in the tunnel under the river so escaping the vessel was dangerous for her. Tripping on the memories of the dead was a safe way to travel through time. It was impossible to change the past or change the course of history, you weren’t even there, just acting out the memory. Sometimes when the bodies came in from Necropolis they were known but mostly they were random people and every memory deciphered was a surprise or a shock. Bob had been tripping every day for decades, a perk of the job.